Ello: The latest Facebook – but better?

Ello: The latest Facebook – but better?

The anti-Facebook… apparently?

We have all been using Social Media for years and years. You probably started off on Bebo or MySpace then decided to move onto Facebook with everyone else.

There have been hundreds of attempts of people trying to launch a new Social Network – but this one might just work.

Meet, a brand new Social Media network, it might not be better than Facebook, but with its latest manifesto I’m sure it will attract a fair amount of users!

Ello pledges to respect its users privacy – and to some people, that means a lot! It’s quite bold in its Manifesto, saying that the social network you are using now (most likely to be Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) is owned by advertisers and that you are not a product! Ello has been dubbed the anti-Facebook, so this will be interesting!


Ello has decided not to advertise on the network, although it has become apparent that features of the website will need to be paid for.

Presently it is not available to the public, if you would like to sign up you have to be ‘invited’, a bit of a tease right?

So what next? I guess it’s a waiting game really, they haven’t been clear with what features will be made available, but we’ll be sure to update you!

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