Analytics and Web Intelligence

What is Analytics and Web Intelligence?

Analytics and Web intelligence is used by all the biggest companies, ever wondered why certain websites are so successful? That’s because they pay attention to the back-end of the website. Simple software can be used to analyse everything from website visitors, functionality through to the speeds the site loads on everyone’s devices.

With all this information, you are in a better position to improve your website to make it easier to find and navigate. So what? Well the better your website is, the more likely you can convert website visitors into customers.


Our Analytics and Intelligence Services

We will install and provide you with details to your Analytics account, we will always keep in contact and from the data we collect, we even create an Action Plan for you based on the findings we have found.


We can tell you:

  • Whether your visitors come from Search Engines, Email, Social Media, Direct or from a different website.
  • Genders
  • How long people stay on your website
  • Keywords people searched to find your website
  • Devices used to access your website
  • Your most visited webpages
  • Locations of your visitors (city, region and country)
  • In-Page Analytics (tells you what aspects of your website are clicked the most a live template)


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