10 Remarkable Facts about Social Media


10 Remarkable Facts about Social Media


The importance of social media for a business is rapidly growing and can be used as a platform for success in most cases. The following surprising statistics support the need for a strong social media strategy in today’s industries which can help reap rewards for your business! Read on…


#1The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is 55-64 year olds

This shocking (and amazing)  statistic reflects that social media is now not only for “teenagers”. It underlines the importance of a solid social media strategy if this age group is in your target market. Ignore the thoughts of the older generation being unable to use modern technology because they are a lot more computer savvy than we think! This demographic has grown by 79% since 2012 so start implementing content that will attract an older generation because they are now without a doubt “down with the kids”. #higrandma

#2 198million users of Facebook are “mobile only”

Mobile phones are glued to today’s younger generation and it seems Facebook may be the reason why. Recent stats show that mobile users generate 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue. Take this statistic and use it to your best interest. How will your content be displayed on a mobile phone? If you are going to have a successful social media strategy these things need to be well thought about. It is also worth noting that Google has recently taken into consideration the quality build of your website, a poorly and inefficient website can penalise your Google search rankings!

#3 YouTube is more successful than cable TV in the US

YouTube is a social media platform that’s power is underestimated. For 18-34 year olds in the US YouTube has shown to be more popular than any cable network! With YouTube growing on a daily basis, don’t waste time and start being creative with videos that can reach a large audience.

#4 LinkedIn stats are showing 2 new members join every second!

Just a professional Facebook? No. LinkedIn is showing much more potential in social media strategies and is forecasted to grow even bigger in 2014. From recruitment to networking, LinkedIn is a must for a business. Start implementing it into your campaigns and connect with others in the industry and keep up to date with what’s going on. Don’t forget that it is also an important place to monitor your competition.

#5 Goodbye Porn, hello Social Media!

Social Media has taken over Porn as the number one activity on the web… Hooray! This shows the power that social media has actually got in 2014. It has become a habit to most people so whilst you’re watching videos for hours on Facebook of ‘Dapper Laughs’ or ’10 most funniest falls’, just remember most people are probably doing the same. As a business, take social media seriously… just look at how far it has come.

#6 LinkedIn has the lowest percentage of activity in comparison to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook etc.

Although LinkedIn has a large number of new users on a daily basis, users are not that active. So be careful! Choose your social media sites with precaution or you are at risk of having weak responses. Keep on top of social media statistics to find out which platform is going to be best for your business.

#7 93% of marketers use social media for business… don’t be in that 7%!

The involvement in social media and business is high for a reason… It works! Social media should be a key tool in your marketing plan and strategies. Nourish it in all your activities because if 93% are using it, you will find something that works for your business. If you are struggling then remember, there is professional help out there to enhance your success using social media *shameless plug for Media Ray*.

#8 25% of smartphone users say they cannot remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them

It’s already been identified that mobile phones are often stuck to us like glue. This stat reinforces the importance that a mobile can have on your social media strategy. It also shows the availability that consumers have to social media… so use it!

#9 Only 9% of companies employ a full time blogger

Blogging is a huge tool in marketing specifically those who want to tap into social networking. Effective content that you deliver to your consumers can be achieved using a blog, so why not use it as a tool? Get connected with your consumers, set the tone of your business, share news and provide interesting articles that gains the attention of many. If only 9% are doing it, a relatively low percentage, then it highlights a chance to be different.

#10 Customer Service and… Facebook?

Over half of online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook but only 23% actually provide it. With Facebook being a part of people’s everyday lives… grasp it with both hands. Set up a Facebook page; connect with your consumers on a personal level. Providing customer service through social media is a great tool, and with the stats showing only 23% are doing it shows you can be different in offering customer satisfaction.

Hopefully these statistics will make you understand and realise just how important social media is for your business. Do not underestimate what a powerful tool it is. Don’t waste time and start implementing effective strategies today!

By Natalie Harrison

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