12 Tips to Optimise your Website for Mobiles and Tablets

Media Ray 12 Tips for Mobile Marketing

12 Tips to Optimise your Website for Mobiles and Tablets

Websites are no longer being accessed just on desktops, but now increasingly on mobiles and tablets. We no longer have a Nokia 8210 with the battery life of about a week – you probably own a smart phone, and probably access social media and other websites through your phone.

So what does this mean? This means developers need to make websites more mobile-friendly through using the following tips:

1 – Keep it simple. Might sound like a no-brainer, but believe it or not many websites try to throw in so much content into pages, making it frustrating for website visitors.

2 – Make buttons large enough so that they are easy to click on small screens.

3 – Create an Icon so that when Apple users save your website, it saves with an icon to their Home Screen.

4- Use correct size formats for images, make sure they are not too big.

5 – Hide content that is irrelevant and only going to clutter your page.

6 – Make sure menus can be found at the top to allow for easy accessibility.

7 – Use videos for content – this can be much more useful than long pages of text which can be painful to scroll down on small devices.

8 – Use Analytics tools to see what browsers/ devices your users are most commonly using and test the website on those platforms if possible.

9 – Don’t use too much JavaScript as this can slow down page loads which can be frustrating especially for mobile users. If possible, avoid Flash and JavaScript at all costs.

10 – Make the website expandable and responsive. This allows websites adapt to different screen sizes.

11 – Don’t use pop-up windows.

12 – Have a separate page for mobile users, for example the primary domain is mediaray.co.uk – but if the server detects that the visitor is on a mobile device then it can redirect to m.mediaray.co.uk which is mobile optimised and can have less content.


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Article by Samir Benamar

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