House of Fraser’s #Emojinal Campaign Goes Viral

House of Fraser - Emoji Social Media

House of Fraser’s #Emojinal Campaign Goes Viral

Most people woke up on Monday morning to find that House of Fraser’s Twitter feed had possibly been hacked and someone was messing around with emojis… or was this just a risky social media campaign/ PR stunt? Either way, it’s fair to say that House of Fraser had been mocked over the campaign throughout the day. Definitely a brave move, one should think.

House of Fraser had launched the Social Media campaign to boost seasonal sales, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

The main issue with the campaign is that it did not reflect the brand’s rich heritage which was founded in 1849 – nor represent the premium brands it retails. Is this a sign of a possible re-brand? Throwing away its heritage to become a more upbeat brand? Or was it simply a rather avid desire – but clever way to grab everyone’s attention to boost sales?

At 9:32pm, on the day they tweeted with a quiz and a Valentine’s Day treat which can be found on Was this planned or a crisis mitigation strategy?

If there is anything that has come good from the campaign, it would be the tremendous publicity it has received, in addition to opening itself to a new potential and lucrative market. After all… PR is still PR.

Below are some tweets from users:

The brand has hijacked high profile trending topics and edited the images:

You have to truly admire the boldness of the marketing and social media team though – whatever the outcome.

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