How important is SEO?

How important is SEO?

How important is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short is quite important in terms of being visible to the internet. Google, the world’s number one Search Engine is used by almost everyone; typing up a keyword will display a set of results where people often click the first five websites.

The tough job for businesses is to try improve their Page Rankings so they are at the top of all searches. Google is very discreet about the algorithm that it uses to rank websites. However, we do know that they  include the quality of content, the influence a website has as well as relevance.

Search Engine Optimisation does not happen overnight, it can take months and even years at times to see improvements.

Google has been known to penalise and even blacklist websites that try to unethically increase their page rankings. A lot of companies out there also claim to be SEO experts, but they turn out to be scammers that actually damage your Page Rankings – that’s why it is crucial to choose the right digital marketing agency to help you do just that!

In short, SEO is extremely important for gaining organic visitors. It’s also FREE… yes free!

Many people  focus strictly on paid advertising to gain traffic to their website, there is nothing wrong with this. But, the moment they cut their media budgets the number of visitors decreases, it’s the SEO that maintains the long-term traffic – which is why it is so important to focus on, it should be nurtured and not be neglected.


So why use Media Ray for Search Engine Optimisation?

  • We will keep you informed from the very start through to the end.
  • Experience in the UK and Moroccan markets.
  • We follow Google’s Webmaster practices – believe it or not, many agencies do not!
  • We provide resources for you to take away.
  • Fast growing client base.
  • Importantly we work with integrity – you can trust us.


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