Is a Marketing Degree worth it?

Is a University Marketing Degree worth it?

Is a Marketing Degree worth it?

This topic is a grey area for many; there are so many varying views as to whether people truly need a marketing degree. But what do I think?

I personally think paying upwards of £9,000 for a marketing degree is pointless. Marketing constantly changes, strategies change and technologies change. However, it is fair to say that core concepts have not changed over the last 50 years, so it’s not completely pointless. A lot of marketers, especially digital marketing experts have learnt everything they know on the job, in their own time whilst burning the midnight oil or through their own mistakes. Studying a degree in Digital Marketing would make little sense, especially in terms of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media as Google constantly changes its search algorithms and new social media networks are being created every year.

On the other hand, I can see some sense in a marketing degree, it will not just teach you about marketing concepts, it could potentially improve your confidence and perhaps even all the necessary skills that will be required of you when working in the workplace and with clients. It just seems too much for current undergraduates who are being forced to pay £9,000 to invest in their futures. Some graduating at the age of 21 and already with a debt of £27,000. It seems that people are being penalised for wanting to educate themselves and even being penalised for being the people who will be helping the UK economy in 15 years’ time.

Ways to learn and to get into marketing?

The most important way to learn about marketing and the quickest way is to get the experience. You will probably learn more about marketing through experience than through academia. The skills you can learn will be paramount and so it makes sense to gain as much as experience as you can. This will not only give you a competitive advantage but it will give you an insight into the actual industry that you cannot gain anywhere else.

The next best way to learn and get into marketing is to do courses with the Charted Institute of Marketing, they provide very useful courses which are current and have an industry-spin to everything you will learn.

Next is all about networking. Network with people that are like you, learn from each other and bounce ideas around. Finally, keep reading articles and magazines that are related to the marketing industry. Marketing Week is a great example; it has everything that you need to know about marketing and is definitely worth reading regularly!


Article by Samir Benamar


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