Is Facebook advertising a waste of money?

Is Facebook advertising a waste?

Is Facebook advertising a waste of money?

Is Facebook advertising a waste of money?

There tends to be negativity surrounding advertising on social media, particularly on Facebook by many businesses – which is quite bizarre. But as an agency we tend to find that this is because the adverts have been targeted incorrectly, ad bids are all wrong and of course the messages are all wrong.

So why is Facebook advertising actually brilliant?

Facebook knows more about us then we actually know about ourselves sometimes. Which means as marketers and advertisers this is perfect. We all understand the importance of targeting accurate messages on Facebook and we know it’s never easy selecting the correct media platform to advertise on.

Below is a list of things Facebook can find out about us which can be used to develop targeted advertising campaigns:


Ages, gender, locations, education, ethnic affinity, financial status, generation, life events, political status (US only), relationships and more.


Hobbies, activities, food, entertainment, fashion, sports, technology and more.


Expat status, digital activities, mobile devices, purchase behaviours, travel, seasonal events and more.

These are just the basics are there are further targeted criteria that can be selected.

So what does this mean?

The data Facebook has on us is advertising gold. When developing adverts it allows us to target different target markets and audiences based on a whole variety of things including demographics, interests and behaviours.

So back to the initial question: Is Facebook advertising a waste of money? Of course not! You’re less likely to waste money with targeted adverts thus improving your Return on Investment (ROI). Some may think Facebook is more B2C, but if you can target different levels of employees by their title then it’s perfect for B2B marketing/ advertising too.

If you have any further questions, or would like to find out more about how we can help your business advertise on social media then get in contact with our team today for a fee-free consultation.

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