Social Media Post Scheduling

Social Media Post Scheduling

Shall we schedule our social media posts?

Probably the single most common question we receive from our clients. We all understand the pain but also the importance of keeping social media updated on a regular basis – after all, you do not want your customers thinking that your social media is inactive because they would probably think the firm is inactive too, resulting in potential loss of business.

So the answer to the question is… Yes – and no…


Yes because it saves time, but it also allows you to plan tweets for the day well in advance, which means you will not be rushed. But it also means you do not have to moan at your social media team to schedule tweets outside of office hours… brilliant right?

Additionally, by spending time planning your posts for the day they are more likely to be of better quality and therefore of better value to the target audience. Just do not rush it!

If you have been called away on an urgent meeting with a client – you do not need to panic about posting on social media – you would have already done it!


On the other hand, scheduling posts can sometimes push you away from your initial social media strategy knowing it is very tempting to just type something quick into the box and hit schedule just for the sake of having something there. As long as you have got the strategy at the back of your mind and at the centre of everything you will be absolutely fine.

The other issue is that people tend to select one image on a scheduling tool and post the same image on all social media platforms not remembering that each platform requires different dimensions. As long as you schedule separate posts with different sized images you will be fine.

Do you need help?

If you would like support with your social media marketing, whether that be through management, or consultancy we’ll be more than happy to help. Visit our social media page, or contact us.

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