TOP TIPS: How to do Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tips by Media Ray

TOP TIPS: How to do Content Marketing

Are you tired of looking at the statistics of your blogs? No traffic? People not staying on the pages long enough? Negative comments left? Then look no further!

Generating content can be very difficult; in fact for most people it is the most difficult thing. Having to constantly come up with fresh ideas regularly is not easy. If you cannot generate new content, then updating content is good! It tells Google that your website is still alive, and believe me… it loves that! Please do use these tips alongside the other content marketing tips we have posted previously.

Follow our top tips to improve your content marketing strategy, and if you have any more questions, do contact us today.

Here are our tips on generating content:

1 – Keep content exciting.

2 – Write things that your customers want to hear about.

3 – Update your content! Google loves content that is updated, and this can support your long-term SEO strategy.

4 – Write in the language your customers will understand! There is no point using jargon that your customers do not understand, it makes your content worthless. Your audience may not always have the time to research technical jargon, so make sure they understand your blogs!

5 – Use links, you might feel you are losing out, but sharing other people’s articles within your own is fantastic!

6 – Choose an interesting title, if people are not hooked to the title, chances are they will not read what you have to say!

7 – Use keywords. This is a must, obviously do not flood your blog with the same keyword for the sake of SEO, this can do more damage in the eyes of Google. It is important to have quality-rich keywords.

8 – Where possible, post your blogs and articles to Social Media, that’s your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube!

9 – Use images, but do not over do it!

10 – Try and plan your content in advance, this is optional but can make life easier!


Always remember: Content is King!

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