Twitter Changes: 2015

Twitter Changes: 2015

Twitter Polls

Twitter has now enabled the Poll feature when creating posts for users. This is absolutely fantastic news and it opens great opportunity for marketers in all industries.

It can be used for simple customer or market research to quickly find out what customers are thinking. By the looks of things, once you tweeted the poll it will automatically close after 24 hours which is probably enough time considering the average life-span of a tweet is only a few hours.

To make this effective its worth promoting the Tweet to not only reach your existing customers but other potential customers too. At present, you can only select two responses and that is probably best because it is simple.

Twitter Like/ Favourite 

Additionally, Twitter has now renamed the ‘Favourite’ feature to ‘Like’ which you are probably familiar with on Facebook. This is aimed to increase user engagement with ‘Like’ as people are already open to it. Perhaps more people will use the ‘Like’ feature than the ‘Favourite’. According to Twitter, they have also replaced the star with a love heart which is less confusing to new users.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest round of changes on Twitter. If you have any more questions regarding Twitter, or social media in general – be sure to contact us!

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