Viral Marketing: Irritating or Effective?

Viral Marketing - Irritating or Effective?

Viral Marketing: Irritating or Effective?

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to their their target audience or target market, whether directly or indirectly, creating potential for aggressive growth in the message’s exposure and influence. And so viral marketing can push wide spread marketing messages, and the greatest thing about this is that it does not need to be too expensive!

With the use of social media, it is quick and simple to create a viral marketing message within seconds.  Social media also brings the benefit of being able to specifically target consumers by gender, age group and interests, thanks to profile information.  If I ‘like’ a post or page for a particular brand or product, then that company will go after my friend, because chances are, my friends will have the same interests as me.  Clever right?  It’s through this peer-to-peer recommendation that messages ‘go viral’.

Social media also allows for interactivity, and it is thought that interactivity is more likely to stimulate a consumer’s engagement in marketing communications.  This relationship marketing can help you, the marketer or business owner, to better understand your consumers.  Twitter is a great example of how interactivity can help with consumer involvement.  The process of re-tweeting, or sharing tweets with people can increase the rate at which a message is circulated, and generate a huge amount of buzz and brand awareness.

From my own personal research which I carried out towards the end of last year, I found that although around 64 per cent of this sample found viral marketing irritating, only 33 per cent had the opinion that it was ineffective.  So can viral marketing be effective and irritating?  Actually, yes, it can.  Consumers require repetition before fully comprehending a marketing message.  Viral marketing assists with ensuring that consumers are regularly exposed to marketing communications.  Viral marketing can help to facilitate DRIP (Differentiate, Remind, Inform, Persuade) marketing, as it passes on the message to others and this ensures that the message is seen at regular intervals.

As with anything in marketing, it is about execution.  If your marketing message is poorly executed, then your message will go unheard, for example spam emails.  But if you are creative and execute your message correctly then you are on to a winner.  So viral marketing is more then just troublesome emails, which are deleted without the blink of an eye, but is a strategy to get your company name out there, and spread your wonderful marketing message with your target audience.  In my opinion, it is defiantly effective, given the appropriate execution, and hopefully now you do too.

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Edited by Samir Benamar

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