What are Short Links… bit.ly, owl.ly, goo.gl?

What are Link Shorteners

What are Short Links… bit.ly, owl.ly, goo.gl?

So what are they?

You have probably seen bit.ly. owl.ly, goo.gl, or other links around different social media platforms and decided not to click on these in fear that they are actually malicious websites. These are known as Short Links, or Link Shorteners. But don’t worry! These links are usually safe providing they are genuine links to genuine websites, however it goes without saying that although these links are usually trustworthy, some people will take advantage and use this to their advantage to re-direct you to malicious websites. Always be cautious when clicking links you don’t recognise.

Why use a Link Shortener?

It’s particularly useful to use a link shortener on social media especially for those website links that are very long. With Twitter being restricted to 140 characters you kind of get the gist and understand the usefulness of being able to make a link shorter.


Original: http://mediaray.co.uk/how-to-improve-page-rankings/

Shortened: bit.ly/1N4gmww

It also enables your social media posts to look cleaner and less cluttered. URLs full of hyphens and long bizarre numbers can be distracting disallowing your audience to focus on the important parts of the post.

Benefits of using a Custom Link Shortener?

By using one of these, not only does it make your link look shorten, you can often customise these to suit your needs providing they haven’t been taken. For example: bit.ly/marketinguk which redirects to our homepage.

As well as this, you can use analytics to find out how many people are clicking the links you are creating. After all, being able to measure your click-through-rates is very important for social media marketers!

Examples of Custom Link Shorteners

We’ve compiled below a list of trusted link shorteners. Go ahead, make your posts look neat!

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