So what’s Web Analytics?

Website Analytics

So what’s Web Analytics?

What is Analytics? 

Website Analytics, Web Analytics or Web Intelligence – it is all the same!

You are a business and are constantly reminded of the importance of using web analytics, but have no idea what it is, who it is or even what it is. We are going to try our best to explain what it is all about, so read on!

Analytics is all about your website data – and data is important, in fact data is power.

You can find out a lot about your website visitors, either people that buy your products or people that are just ‘window shopping’. You can find out how they have found your website, whether that was via a partic
ular keyword on a search engine such as Google, social media or directly. You can find out how long they are spending on your website, what web links they are clicking and you can also find out which pages are most popular  with visitors.

Put simply, analytics is web data based on your website and it can be used to improve the user experience of those that visit your website.

Why or how should I use Analytics?

With all the data collected from analytics, you can improve your website for visitors and even develop strategies using the data to increase sales or even increase traffic. Every website should be using analytics, not only if you are trying to improve the user experience, but to keep an eye on your web traffic which you could use to benchmark against other weeks, months or even years!

Basic Definitions

  • Entry Page – The first page visitors used to access your website
  • Exit Page – The last page visitors used before they left your website
  • Referrer – Which website referred your website
  • Unique Visitor – A completely new visitor that has never accessed your website

What next?

We are the top dogs, we are the crème de la crème when it comes to web analytics and web intelligence, so visit our analytics page to find out more information, then contact us to find out how we can help your website become a better website (increased views and better user experiences).



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