Why is SEO important?

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Why is SEO important?

So what’s SEO?

So you’ve probably heard all about ‘SEO’, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or even ‘Search Engine Marketing’ but are wondering what all the fuss is about.

Put simply, it’s is all about search engines – that’s your Google, Bing, and your Ask Jeeves – just to name a few. These search engines are the key to increasing traffic to your website and key for people finding your website. Think about it; most people use Google to look for products or services and probably only click on the first few links on the first page. How often do you go to the 4th page?

So what does this mean?

This means that it’s incredibly important to get your website to the top of these search engines to increase the likelihood of increasing traffic. Increase in traffic = potentially increasing revenue.

Local SEO

A lot of businesses focus on a designated county, city, region and country and it’s important that your website’s SEO is focused on the geographical location of your potential customers. There’s several ways to do this, for example through technical SEO and Content Marketing.

How do I know of my SEO is working?

This is where it gets tricky – but there’s always way around this. There are tools out there that are provided by search engines in order to help you develop your search strategies. But they don’t give you the answers. The data you collect from the tools should then be professionally analysed so that proper SEO strategies can be implemented to help your business meet its digital marketing objectives.

What next?

If you want your business to improve its Search Engine Optimisation, but have no idea then speak to us for a FREE* SEO audit. Our team can also recommend and implement the changes onto your website so that your customers can find you more easily. You can also find out more about our SEO services.

*No strings attached. Promise. (Limited availability)

We are an experienced SEO company providing Search Engine Marketing consultancy to businesses in London, Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Leeds and other locations around the UK. We support SMEs with their Digital Marketing objectives in order to grow.

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