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Top Marketing Tools

Top 25 Marketing Tools

There is a wealth of tools available to marketers to either automate processes or to add value to all marketing initiatives. We have compiled a list of tools that can…

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House of Fraser - Emoji Social Media

House of Fraser’s #Emojinal Campaign Goes Viral

Most people woke up on Monday morning to find that House of Fraser’s Twitter feed had possibly been hacked and someone was messing around with emojis… or was this just…

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Marcomms Plan by Media Ray.

Marketing Communications Plan (You must use)

A large part of many organisational marketing initiatives is to communicate the right messages to the right people, at the right places at the right time. We understand how difficult…

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Search Engine Marketing - Media Ray

Why is SEO important?

So what’s SEO? So you’ve probably heard all about ‘SEO’, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or even ‘Search Engine Marketing’ but are wondering what all the fuss is about. Put simply, it’s is…

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What are Link Shorteners

What are Short Links…,,

So what are they? You have probably seen,, or other links around different social media platforms and decided not to click on these in fear that they…

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10 Christmas Marketing & Sales Tips

Tips you must be using to take advantage of the Christmas rush!  As Christmas draws in closer, a lot of businesses like yours are stuck on what to do and…

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Website Analytics

So what’s Web Analytics?

What is Analytics?  Website Analytics, Web Analytics or Web Intelligence – it is all the same! You are a business and are constantly reminded of the importance of using web…

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Lincoln & East Midland Businesses

Marketing in Lincoln & East Midlands

Marketing in Lincoln and the East Midlands If you’re a business based in Lincoln, East Midlands then you are extremely lucky to live in a diverse city with amazing landmarks!…

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Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas for your business As a marketing agency for small, medium and large businesses, we at Media Ray know how hard it is to come up with marketing ideas…

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Search Engine Optimisation for Business

Tips to improve website rankings on Search Engines

You’ve probably been asking yourself why your amazing website is ranking lower than your competitors. You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on developing an amazing website, but it’s…

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