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Top Marketing Tools

Top 25 Marketing Tools

There is a wealth of tools available to marketers to either automate processes or to add value to all marketing initiatives. We have compiled a list of tools that can…

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Media Ray Marketing

VIDEO: Can your small website be popular?

A lot of the main concern is whether a website can actually rank higher than those international companies? The answer is of course! As long as you are doing better,…

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Marketing Services in Lincolnshire and London

Media Ray Marketing is an online marketing agency providing services and consultancy in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Management, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Branding, PR and Analytics….

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Video: So, how does Google Search work?

The  video below is by Matt from Google Webmasters and talks about how Google Search actually works, this includes everything to do with Search Engine Optimisation, indexing and crawling. Watch…

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Media Ray - Email Internet Marketing

Is Email Marketing really working? – Facts and Tips

Email Marketing has been around for so long, and is definitely not disappearing any time soon! There’s many that argue that Email Marketing is simply useless when it comes to…

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So what really is Social Media?

Everyone knows about Social Media, but it is not just about tweeting celebrities or liking your mate’s mum’s photo. So what is Social Media also about? Read on… Social Media…

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Media Ray now in Morocco

Press Release in English We are excited to announce that we have been speaking to our partners, and our services will now become available in Morocco where  as an agency, we…

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