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  • Installations: WordPress, Joomla, Internet Radios, Forums and Blogs
  • Website Editing: HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and more
  • Domains: Registrations, Transfers and SEO
  • Security: Brute Force Prevention, Virus Scanning and more
  • Web Hosting: Server Hosting, Migrations and more

    No job is too small.We’re not just a typical marketing and advertising agency that waves goodbye after we have helped you. We provide a range of services that are often regarded as mission-critical to keep your business running. We can help you with pretty much anything on the internet from installations, buying domains, graphic design, editing code and improving security.

    We can do more than just the above. Get in contact to find out how we can help you. No matter how big or small the job is.


    We’re a comprehensive marketing and advertising agency based near you!

    Media Ray is a marketing and advertising powerhouse based in Central London, Lincoln and Casablanca; providing specialist consultancy for all businesses and organisations. Get in contact for a no-fee consultation.

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