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Twitter Changes: 2015

Twitter Polls Twitter has now enabled the Poll feature when creating posts for users. This is absolutely fantastic news and it opens great opportunity for marketers in all industries. It can…

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Customer Service TIPS on Social Media

 Customer Service for Social Media With the increase in social media platforms, it’s now important more than ever for companies to be on top of their customer service on social…

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Top 6 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Twitter is out there as one of the most used Social Networks, which is why understanding Social Media Marketing is crucial for the success of your business. Avoid these top…

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Twitter Hashtags you MUST use

These are a  list of Hashtags you can use to promote your business over Twitter. This is a very effective way of showcasing your business to other similar-sized businesses to…

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So what really is Social Media?

Everyone knows about Social Media, but it is not just about tweeting celebrities or liking your mate’s mum’s photo. So what is Social Media also about? Read on… Social Media…

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